Our Community Planning Services

The community planning process is complex, with ever changing requirements and standards. Alpha’s planning professionals have the experience to evaluate all feasible alternatives and help develop solutions that best serve the client and community. At Alpha, we are ready to take on the challenge of making our community a better place to live and work.

Expert Testimony

Alpha has experienced and licensed engineers and surveyors able to give expert testimony.

Feasibility Studies

Creating Feasibility Studies for clients is one of the initial steps in Community Planning that Alpha completes for our clients. We have proven results in researching the supply and demand in a given market and estimating the potential of a given project.

Grant Writing and Research

Alpha’s professionals have the ability to strategically research and write grant proposals.

Historical, Cultural and Natural Resource Planning

We are experienced with regulations designed to protect historical, cultural and natural resources.

Labor & Industry Planning

We provide services across a wide range of industries and business types.

Landscape Architecture

Our landscape architects deal with the increasingly complex relationships between built and natural environments.

Open Space/Recreation Plans

Our professionals can design open space and recreation plans for local municipalities and communities in order to accommodate the desires and needs of its residents.

Plan Review for Ordinance Compliance

Keeping in mind technical codes and local ordinances, Alpha can put together a plan review to ensure compliance and plan approval.  

Site Analysis

Site analysis is a vital part of the preliminary phase of the design process.  Alpha provides a well-executed site analysis identifying environmental, program, and development constraints and opportunities.  Alpha takes a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive, and rational approach to project development.

Stormwater Management Ordinances

Alpha’s team has extensive knowledge of local municipalities’ stormwater management ordinances. We also have experience requesting amendments to stormwater management ordinances.

Zoning/Land Use Applications

We are familiar with all local municipality zoning and land use applications and can make sure our clients have the necessary and required ones for their project.