Our Engineering Services

For over 22 years, Alpha has been providing professional engineering services to industrial, commercial and municipal enterprises throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. As a full service engineering firm, we can handle every aspect of the development process. Our team of licensed professional engineers, licensed professional land surveyors, engineering technicians, soil scientists, CAD designers and support staff ensure that we can meet our client’s needs.

Building Structural Design

Our Building Structural Design includes comprehensive engineering and detailing for the building construction industry, working with clients throughout all phases of analysis, design and detailing, and staying educated and up to date on building codes.

Erosion & Sedimentation Control Planning

Alpha assesses what vegetation and topography are to be disturbed due to land development. Such activity must be in conformance with municipal, county, state and federal regulations.

Land Development

Land Development has become increasingly more challenging due to changes in zoning and environmental regulations.  We stay up-to-date with these changes so we can assist the client through the development process and direct them in obtaining approvals from various agencies, municipal, county, state and federal.

Municipal Services

We work closely with local municipalities providing expertise and services for successful projects. Over the years we have formed strong working relationships with many of the townships in our area.

Retaining Wall Design

Retaining walls come with their own set of design considerations and requirements set by the International Building code.

Sanitary Sewage Systems

We also have experience with sanitary sewers, which have their own design and construction guidelines that must go through the approval process and inspections.

Stormwater Management

To reduce the impacts of runoff on urban streams and creeks the EPA created the Clean Water Act, which continues to be expanded upon.  As a result, the local government agencies have adopted regulations requiring developers to install stormwater management practices that reduce rate and volume and remove pollutants from runoff generated on their development sites. We assist our clients in making sure they adhere to all regulations.

Street/Roadway Design

This major part of the development process has its own set of rules and regulations which we help the client coordinate with federal and state agencies.


Alpha conducts necessary zoning research, boundary surveys, legal description writing, parcel merger applications and preliminary and final plans.  With experience and understanding of local land use ordinances, Alpha helps clients through the approval process to achieve their goals.

Wastewater Collection Systems

Alpha has experience with large-scale public sewer systems as well as on-site septic systems to treat and dispose of wastewater.

Wetlands Surveying, Delineation & Mitigation

Alpha conducts surveys to determine if wetlands are present on site and if permits are required from federal, state and local agencies.