Our Environmental Services

Alpha has extensive project experience working with regulatory agencies on wetland identifications, delineations, and state/federal permitting.

CFR 404 Permitting & Compliance

We can help you obtain and maintain a permit for unavoidable discharges of dredged or fill material into waters including wetlands.

Erosion & Sedimentation Control/
NPDES Permitting

Alpha’s experienced staff has extensive knowledge of local, county, and state Erosion and Sedimentation Control regulations and the PA Department of Environmental Protection Agency’s NPDES
Permitting process.

Jurisdictional Wetlands Delineations

Our qualified wetland consultant will provide a formal delineation and obtain a formal Jurisdictional Determination from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Wetlands Mitigation/Replacement Design

Alpha will design a solution to unavoidable wetland impacts.

PA Title 25 § 105 Permitting & Compliance

Our professionals have experience regarding the regulations of water obstructions and encroachments located in, along or across, or projecting into a watercross, floodway or body of water.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

We can identify potential or existing contamination liabilities on your site.

Sewage Facilities Planning/Act 537 Revisions

Alpha’s experts can interpret Act 537 and how your project relates.

Soils Testing & Infiltration Studies

Our experienced staff can determine if Infiltration BMPs are suitable and obtain the required data for infiltration BMP (Best Management Practices) design.

Stream Restoration/Enhancement

Alpha’s stream restoration design can return a degraded ecosystem back to a stable, healthy condition.