Our Traffic and Transportation Services

In today’s fast paced world, traffic is increasingly becoming a major part of development planning. Alpha has built a team of traffic experts that are knowledgeable in the Federal and State regulations and standard operating procedures. Our team can handle all aspects of Traffic Engineering, while keeping the project on course.

Highway Design

Highway planning involves estimation of current and future traffic volumes.  Alpha’s engineers strive to predict and analyze all possible civil impact of highway systems.

Highway Occupancy Permits

Alpha has extensive experience working with PennDOT to obtain HOPs for property owners, developers, utility companies, municipalities and municipal authorities, and other interested parties who desire access to the state right-of-way.

Internal Access Circulation and Access

Our engineers provide effective access management plans and internal roadway functionality designs for development projects of all sizes.

Parking Studies

Parking studies are just one of the many preliminary steps needed for site development. Alpha’s engineers analyze data on capacity, demand, location and current or desired use.

Right-of-way Takings

During property acquisitions, rarely is an agreement not reached through negotiation. In order to proceed, Alpha can put together a Declaration of Taking/Condemnation Proceeding that will be filed in the Court of Common Pleas.

Right-of-way Evaluation Studies

Alpha’s experts research and analyze data on right-of-way impacts and solutions to issues that may arise.

Traffic Control Plans

We can assist with plans that have their own set of requirements and must go through an approval process.

Traffic Counts

Traffic counts are an important component of site selection. Alpha’s engineers have the knowledge and experience to analyze this data.

Traffic Impact Studies

Applicants for approval of subdivision or land development plans may be required to submit a Traffic Impact Study, to be reviewed and approved by the City Engineer and Planning Commission. Our engineers can help a client put this study together.

Traffic Signal Permit Plans

Alpha can assist in creating a traffic signal plan that may need to go through a permitting process and conform to PA code.

Traffic Signal Studies

Our engineers have the ability to complete studies which may result in the installation of traffic signals.