About Alpha

Alpha Consulting Engineers, Inc. provides services across a broad spectrum of industries. Our clients range from residential and commercial developers, business parks and financial institutions to restaurants, recreation areas and trucking hubs. We also work with a diverse assortment of community groups including religious organizations, educational institutions and municipalities.

Our staff of approximately 30 employees includes Licensed Professional Land Surveyors, Licensed Professional Engineers and a Registered Licensed Landscape Architect. Our team has the knowledge and experience to turn your vision into reality.

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Shipp Sheetz Site 2.JPG

Our Team

John Murphy, P.E., P.L.S.

Rick Castranio
Vice President

Rory Chapman, P.L.S.
Chief Operating Officer
& Director of Surveying

Cathy Nicholls
Office Manager & Corporate



Mark Allen, P.E., P.L.S.
Engineer Traffic/Transportation Engineer

Todd Wilson, P.E.   

Tom Scully, R.L.A.
Registered Licensed Landscape Architect

Gregory Adams
Senior Environmental Specialist

Michael Smith
Environmental Consultant/Designer

Lee Bothell
Entitlements Coordinator

Chris Fromm, S.I.T., S.E.O.
Sewage Enforcement Officer

Jerry Spease
Sewage Enforcement Officer